Orient Food Products started its journey in the name of Orient Bakery in 1960 with the hand of reputed business man Mohammad Sirajul Islam. 

Orient was created its own prominent before the liberation war but it was brutalizing true that in the period of liberation war (1971) Pakistan Army burnt the Bakery. 

After liberation war orient re stated its journey once again as before. In the meantime, orient set a benchmark in consumers by its quality and service at bakery orb. So, it was high time to expand its venture for serving the consumer in the proper way. Orient added new product to its line and changed the name “Orient Bakery” to “Orient bakery & pastry shop.”

In 2015 ORIENT was set a millstone through the endless effort of MD. TANVIRUL ISLAM SOHAN. We have redesigned our business range and created “Orient Food Products” and “Orient Super Shops.” At present we have two outlets and three different production units with our main factory through which we manufacture and supply healthy products.

At present, Orient has been successfully operating its activities with a reputation for over 60 years with more than 100 employees. Orient is not just a name at present, it is a brand that symbolizes the lining of consumers. Assures the consumer of quality food.

Throughout ORIENT FOOD PRODUCTS, we have adapted to better feed the evolving people of Bangladesh and the world. We continue to Raise the quality in Food. It’s who we are, as a manufacturer and as a pioneer.