As a Proprietor of ORIENT FOOD PRODUCTS, it is a topic of honor and pride to see the company grow with success at every stage. Our core concept: Making a healthy & intelligent nation by supplying safe and nutritious food. We are for nation and country.  

ORIENT operates in two business organizations under its umbrella- ORIENT FOOD PRODUCTS(OFP) and ORIENT SUPER SHOP (OSS). Mainly, OFP’s product assortment consists of bakery, fast-food and different types of cake along with birthday cake. 

To achieve its goal of producing superior quality food products that will enrich the lives of its consumers, ORIENT FOOD PRODUCTS has established the largest factory at Jhumjumpur (BSCIC) in Jashore near the RESCO BISCUIT & BREAD FACTORY (PVT.) LTD. ORIENT FOOD PRODUCTS is one of the largest food factories in Bangladesh. 

We are equipped by modern technology and machinery imported from Italy, India & China that helps us to produce hygienic products along with a safe work environment. Furthermore, (OFP) & (OSS) uses superior quality raw materials imported from India, China and other countries to prepare its finished products.

We have well modern technology testing lab and expert quality controller to ensure superior quality at each value addition stage of production. We believe in quality so we are always testing our product from BSTI. We are line up new products as per customer demand.  In addition to that, the factory has its very own sophisticated laboratory dedicated to product quality testing and quality management.

The strategic location for both the ORIENT FOOD PRODUCTS and the ORIENT SUPER SHOP gives it access to ideal road transportation facilities to ensure the fastest and most effective delivery of products. Moreover, to adhere to its standard of excellence, the company works with only the most reputed wholesalers, bakeries and food distributors of the country.

ORIENT FOOD PRODUCTS are working towards poverty alleviation through job creation. We are constantly striving to strengthen the economy of Bangladesh by producing hygienic products through the power of new ideas, research and innovation.



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